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Over the past 25 years, David Massie has directed the real estate divisions for some of the largest commercial owners in California and advocated for scores of tenants.

In working on more than 600 leases, purchases and sales, he has been involved in hundreds of legal matters related to all types of commercial real estate. Attorneys throughout the U.S. have come to rely on David Massie’s extensive and unique experience in this area. He has assisted numerous attorneys in real estate related matters with lease reviews, operating expense/NNN audits, landlord/tenant disputes and in many other applicable areas.


While reviewing a very sophisticated and not-tenant-friendly landlord retail lease, he discovered that there was no clause regarding keeping the terms of the lease confidential, or auditing the NNN expenses related to this lease. This allowed the tenant’s counsel to significantly reduce the landlord’s claim after said tenant vacated during the lease term, because the landlord did not want this tenant to discuss the NNN expense audit results with the other tenants in the retail center and have to refund any money to these tenants.

A second example has to do with reviewing leases for counsel and recommending changes especially in the area of operating and NNN expenses. Mr. Massie has saved thousands of dollars for tenants and landlords in this particular area because he has so much experience in auditing these types of expenses and knows the hidden profit centers that landlords have. In this area in particular, he will make you look good in front of your client and save your client money.

Mr. Massie is also available as an expert witness for market rents and terms, vacancy, occupancy, operating and NNN expense audits, property management and many other issues. He will prove invaluable to you and your client with his experience and knowledge of commercial real estate.

What do Real Estate Attorneys say about David Massie?

Leland A. Wahl, Real Estate & Business Attorney, says:

“David Massie knows more about commercial real estate leasing than any individual I have encountered in 25 years of practicing law in this area – including real estate lawyers, real estate brokers and property managers. “

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