Tenant Advocacy

Many commercial tenants have never even heard of a tenant advocate. Yet whether you’re in need of retail, medical, dental, office, or industrial space, having one can make a huge difference in your bottom line. And if you have a business in Southern California, anywhere from the San Fernando Valley to Santa Barbara, the tenant advocate you want is David Massie.

Here’s who we serve

DJM Commercial Real Estate’s primary business is representing leasing tenants or buyers of any commercial real estate space or property.

  • Office, medical, dental, orthodontic, industrial, retail (including shopping centers, big box stores, malls, etc.)
  • Any size, any type of business
  • Lease renewal, new lease, sublease, expansion, or purchase

There are no conflicts of interest with the landlord or seller like so many other brokers have: we represent you and your interests only. We have successfully completed all types of commercial lease and purchase transactions hundreds of times and saved our clients money, time, and headaches. And we can do it for you.

Two money-saving questions for commercial tenants

  1. Would you represent yourself in court, or use your opponent’s attorney? By not using your own broker, you could be making exactly this mistake. The landlord or seller of commercial real estate pays your broker a commission as part of the lease or sales price, but doesn’t credit you this commission if you don’t use your own broker. Don’t help the landlord or seller and hurt yourself by paying too much and exposing yourself to large financial and legal issues in the lease or purchase contract.
  2. What if you could have an experienced IRS auditor-turned-CPA represent you in an IRS income tax audit? Because of our unique and direct experience on the property-owner side of the commercial real estate business, we know where the landlord and seller hidden profit centers and other contract pitfalls are. Having us represent you is like having “inside information” regarding your competition: critical to winning a an athletic competition, and mandatory in successfully negotiating your transaction.

Tenants and buyers need GREAT representation. Doing without it will cost you much in money and time. Landlords and sellers have a sophisticated team representing them consisting of architects, accountants, attorneys, insurance brokers, property managers, brokers and others that all specialize in commercial real estate. You need DJM Commercial on your side as we have experience in all of these areas! Many people don’t know about the hidden costs – we do! Bottom Line: DJM will save you the most money!

Here’s what these services cost tenants: NOTHING

DJM CRE services cost tenants nothing, because landlords pay the fee. All it takes to get started is a conversation — contact David Massie now: 805-217-0791 or david@djmcre.com.