DJM Commercial Real Estate Represented Firm to Buy an Office Building in Agoura Hills Below Comps

David Massie, President of DJM Commercial Real Estate, recently represented a CPA firm to buy an office/medical building in Agoura Hills, CA for a price below the latest comps.

Originally, David’s client only wanted to lease until David showed him the property which had just been listed that same day.  The CPA client agreed it was too good of a value to pass up and was a better value than leasing.

The sales market in southern CA where David’s primary market is very hot with many more buyers than sellers right now and it is a good time to sell because of this so it’s harder to find a good buy like David did for his client here.  Getting to properties fast for David’s clients is very important and he is usually able to show them the properties the same day they were listed and many times even before they are listed.

If you want creative ideas on how to buy or sell your next office, medical, retail, industrial or other commercial building for more, please contact David at or call him at 805-217-0791.

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